Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sharpie Laptop #3

UPDATE(11/27/12): Custom Sharpie Mac & Laptop Decals NOW AVAILABLE  <--- br="br" click="click" get="get" how="how" see="see" to="to" yours="yours">

So I got an email yesterday from a guy that wanted his laptop sharpied. With only a day and a half left here in Maryland, I thought why not. Fortunately he was local. He was nice enough to meet me late last night so I could get started right away. About an hour of drawing later and WaLa! This particular laptop is a little smaller then the other ones I've done, but still fun. It's great do smaller jobs like this sometimes. As always, it was a blast to do!

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  1. Recently came across your art and I have to say thank you. Thank you for sharing not only your talent, but showing what an amazing passion you obviously have for what you do.

    Ever need a Sharpie donation, love to send a care package your way ;-)

    1. Thank you very much! And I can almost always use a Sharpie donation

  2. Man I love line art and black and white drawings. You knock it out the park! Great work.