Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sharpie Style Wall Mural

So I'm actually a few months late for posting this, but I thought I'd share since it's pretty neat. The company that commissioned this was (obviously) Infinite Auto Design. They're some pretty cool guys that were patient enough to hang out after hours so I could work on their wall. The result was a mural done all with an airbrush in the style of my sharpie art that included their company name. Looking back I should have really went crazy with color while I was up on those ladders, but live and learn! Still, it was a lot of fun and those guys gave me a nice opportunity to do something different. Working with this amount of space and an airbrush really allowed the flow to come out differently then when I've used markers in the past. I thought about that a lot while I was working on the Sharpie Mustang, and it had an influence on some of the design changes.


  1. hey, i hv been loving your wall looks awesum!! Wanted to ask, if i can do this same design using paints or markers, since i cant really afford buying airbrushes...waiting for your reply eagerly..

    1. Thank you very much! This is absolutely doable with spray cans- the reason I went with airbrush is because it's something I'm very familiar with and I knew it would cut down on material cost to the customer. I would also have done it with marker if not for the fact that the wall was very very heavily textured. But yes- spray cans would work perfectly. Let me know if you have anymore questions!