Monday, February 27, 2017

A Mopar piece from the Early Days for Mopar Monday

For Mopar Monday here's a 69 Charger piece from the very early days of doing artwork full time. This piece was done completely freehand using Sharpies, pens, and markers- no rulers, curves or ellipses were used for any of the lines; Good Times! One of my best memories of the early days of doing this type of artwork was my lack of ability to afford the cool tools that would no doubt make for a cleaner, sharper, end result- but I rose to the challenge by using pinstriping techniques I had previously spent many years learning and it seemed to work. I used those techniques (and still do) for more pieces then I can count. Now a days if im after perfection I will likely grab the appropriate tools- the difference is often what im looking for in an end result. For example if im doing a build rendering, im going to want more accuracy. However if Im doing a more stylized piece of artwork I will do what feels the most stylistic which rarely involves many tools at all.

 We are currently doing a small print run of these, check them out at:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 New Prints hitting the Store Today

Today we're launching 3 New Prints: the Custom 3 Window Hot Rod, the Custom Vw Bug, and the Square Body Street rod. All of these are available in standard frame sizes (so no need to spring for custom frames) and are available for domestic or international buyers. We also have the Originals of the 3 Window and the Vw Bug available- all of theses are listed at:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

NEW Painting: Martini Porsche

Today started with a Martini... Porsche. Shaken, not stirred. As I'm mixing up mediums and getting new artwork out I've been alternating between hot rods, race cars, and exotics- today I wanted to get in to a vintage race car with a popular livery. I of course wanted to approach the artwork from a fresh perspective and work the color dynamics in my preferred way.

This Original Painting is available:
Acrylics on 12"x24" Stretched Canvas available at

Sunday, December 4, 2016

How I Start and Finish New Artwork Almost Everyday (the answer may surprise you!)

Let me start by saying Yes- artwork is what I do for a living, full time. I wake up, go down stairs, make coffee and pretty much dive in to whatever work is going to be done either starting from a sketch , going straight to canvas, or grabbing my computer. Let me also say on the onset that as the title says, I start and finish new artwork Almost everyday- I too like to take days off and go down to the sand, and some days we are so busy with print orders that there isn't time to dedicate to something new.

Some readers might say, "So if you do now artwork everyday, how come you don't post here everyday?"

That's a good question, reader- the answer is we're more focused on sharing new art and the processes on our social media platforms. Want to see it in action? Follow us on Instagram @Pinstripe_Chris or on Facebook @PinstripeChris 

Alright, to the point I'm looking to make-

So I do artwork for a living; more specifically Automotive artwork from paintings, to watercolors to digital art. Everyday of the week I have an opportunity to do something fresh and hopefully captivate my audience. Hopefully. Every single morning as I'm sipping my coffee im scrolling thru images of vehicles of many types looking for something that appeals to me that I can make a statement with. Sometimes it can be an hour and the coffee has gone could before I feel like I have somewhere to start. 

Then I break out pens and pencils and begin sketching to see where it goes. Sometimes it takes a few sketches to get what I'm looking for to move forward from. Then it's on to the stage of making the thing. Either transfer on to canvas or watercolor paper, or photo/scan and complete the paint digitally depending on the look and feel Im going for and the purpose of the artwork.

On a typical day I've gotten thru my entire process and photo'd my finished artwork to share by around 2 or 3pm (unless I got a late start or we had a busy morning with prints).

"Ok, so you can draw well and paint fast... how does that help me?"

While it's true that years and years of practice on a daily basis and having a huge stockpile of materials, tools, and mediums on hand keeps things flowing here at the studio (will cover that in a separate post), speed and efficiency is only part of the battle. 

Yes, spending a lot of time erasing isn't exactly forward momentum, but it is part of the process so dont be hard on yourself about it (I certainly have my share of mistakes I work out on paper). 

"So where are you going with this..?

Distractions- are a huge distraction. It's easy to have the tv on, music blasting, internet on, phone on- EVERYTHING ON. But, they cost you time. A LOT of time. You think erasing a lot is time consuming? I'm willing to bet you'll do more erasing if you're attention is not on what you're looking to make.

Some folks are better at working in hectic environments- I worked as a pinstriper for many years at motorcycle shops, I know all abouts it. But I would say it's not my preference. 

I know many artists who say they dont have as much time to draw as they would like. Think about the things you are doing with your time and consider what you are willing to do less of to make the time. Surely you can catch that episode on Netflix later on, or respond to your bestie in a little bit- they will understand. Being productive isn't hard, it just takes discipline. While Im drawing and painting my phone is on it's lowest setting and I will only answer if it rings- a FB notification is hardly a reason for me to stop. A lot of times I wear my fancy noise canceling headphones (which I very highly recommend) and put on classical or movie scores that dont have lyrics.

Simplify. Get yourself in the zone of what you are working and STAY there until you're ready to call it a day. Do you have to start and finish same day? Absolutely not. But clearing out some basic distractions will give you some mental space to stay focused on what's in front of you and not whats all around.

Next time you're ready to sit down and sketch, think about your environment; the lighting, the noises- anything that contributes to using your senses. Which things are going to take your focus away? Find them, and limit them if you can. You want to be using as much of your mental CPU on the main task in front of you- if you're trying to multi task or your brain is by being influenced by things around you, make a change. Sometimes I like to sketch at a local coffee shop- even tho it doesnt seem like a productive place, just the change of scenery is refreshing.

Go forth, readers- Draw the things and Limit your Distractions!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Big Changes as a New Art Direction Takes Hold

I see it has been way too long since the previous post so I thought I'd start by talking about the latest in the studio happenings here. 

For the past several weeks I have been working on nothing but paintings from watercolors, acrylics, digital paint, and large scale traditional and I love it! The subject is of course the same, but I had decided to let go of what was the norm and create the visuals in a different way. In letting go of what I would 'normally do' I quickly found it was a lot of fun (even tho Im making mistakes in order to learn) to start fresh. A traditional rendering type illustration very much gets the point across of a cleanly represented design- which is fantastic, but for me lacks a bit of energy (at least the way I was doing it). So leaving the cleanliness of a fine render behind I picked up large brushes and new mediums to create in a way unfamiliar at first; but only to feel very comfortable in creating something a bit chaotic. After having done just a few of these weeks ago I have been doing it non-stop and I can honestly say it feels quite liberating to cut loose and make a mess. The theme is still there and hopefully the drawing accuracy is as well- but the concept is more driven towards an artistic approach rather then a technical approach. 

The piece above is a painting I worked on last week to really open up to some size options and get comfortable in that realm. Working on a 30"x60" piece meant changing paint consistency's, sketching larger, bigger brushes, and ultimately a piece with a greater presence.

This particular painting is going to be Framed and will be Available for purchase- Please email us for details:

Friday, August 26, 2016

NEW Buick Art Available!

We've just added this new version of an earlier piece now called "Straight-8 V Blue.0" to the website as 13"x19" signed & numbered prints for $20/each- Check them out at:

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Which shade of Red is your Favorite Ferrari?

Ferrari Friday- a day set aside to ponder all things Prancing Horse. Some weeks it's classics, this week it's a modern day F458 Italia Wide Body. For this particular drawing I opted to do more of a stylized/conceptual illustration rather than something end to end with color to focus on the parts of the design then genuinely make it stand out. Another fun thing about the illustrations I do this way is it shows the entire process of the illustration on 1 sheet: From the rough red pencil sketch, to the refined line weighted areas, the marker block outs, airbrush transitions, and finally the hand painted details like the tail light and tire tread. To me this tells more of the story of not only the art, but the design, and can be tricky to pull off.

Prints of this piece are now available as 11"x14" Signed & Numbered Prints on Luster Paper (Numbered out of just 25) for $20- includes shipping within the states. We also have the matted & framed Original piece available, Please Email us for details:

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