Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Custom 32 Ford Roadster Rendering

About a month ago I was preparing to do a a few silver/grey vehicle renderings  back to back and wanted to test out some materials together. I often do a 'test piece' prior to a full on piece to make sure that the markers and paints I've selected work well together on the surface I'm going to use. This 32 was the combination of a few idea's I'd had for a custom roadster, but was also a great opportunity to test out those materials. This piece was done using markers and airbrushed acrylics on paper, then I picked up a frame for it and hand pinstriped it with tan to match the interior. It was a whole lot of fun to put together and I got to learn a lot from it- I'll take any excuse to draw a custom car!

The original piece is available at

Friday, January 17, 2014

Custom 1969 C10 Dually Roadster Rendering

Yesterday I had a little in between drawings time and really wanted to draw something quick that I'd like to build (one day). The 1st vehicle I ever bought was a 69 C10 which I later sold and replaced with a 72 C10 so they're something really special to me. And I've always liked the open top truck look, but wanted to see it with the cut posts and glass like a modern roadster is. I also like the idea of painting the wheels to match, but having a chrome trim ring to separate the wheel and tire. This is really more of a quick drawing then a complete rendering, but I wanted to get the idea down so that later I can come back and do a more refined version.

Done using Markers, Airbrushed Acrylics, & Pencils on Marker Paper

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Custom 1949 Mercury Rendering (test piece)

I'm gearing up to do a rendering of a 49 Merc for a customer-  and sometimes when I'm getting ready to do a rendering I do a quick practice version of it so I can test out some materials. This way I'll already have all my tones and colors picked out and ready to go for the final piece. So this was a test piece I did a couple nights ago of a custom 49 Merc using:

Canson Pro Layout Marker Paper

ProMarker True Blue
PrismaColor Indigo Blue
PrismaColor Cool Greys
Copic Toner Greys
Bic Pen

Fw Acrylics Indigo Blue (airbrushed)
Fw Acrylcis Black (airbrushed)

PrismaColor Indigo Blue Pencil
PrismaColor White Pencil

White Gouache for highlights

Now that I've got all my tools picked out, I can get started on a cleaner version of the real deal

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Custom 1949 Chevy Truck Rendering

Earlier in the month I was asked to put together a rendering for PAC Racing Springs of the 49 Chevy truck they're building- it sounded like a great project and opportunity so I jumped on board. All the details were explained to me and the challenge I really saw was the patina/rusted look with some remaining body color. But challenges push your limits and really help you go further so I really wanted to make it happen. In addition there was some new trim, a special emblem on the hood, and white wall tires wrapped around red smoothies. It came down to testing out a bunch of acrylic color combinations together and using some new techniques to bring it all together. This rendering was done using airbrushed acrylics, gouaches, pens and markers on 16"x24" illustration board- all done by hand, none of it is done digitally. It was a great opportunity and I couldn't be happier with the way it came out- a great challenge and learning experience.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New 72 Riviera Print Available

I've got a few new prints to announce this week, and first up is this 72 Riviera- The original was done using black, red and grey Sharpies. Frame ready 11"x14" signed & numbered limited run of 100, $10- available here: 

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Custom 51 Mercury Original Piece & Prints Now Available

Late last week I finally got a chance to finish up this marker & airbrush illustration of a custom 1951 Mercury, as well as the hand painted to match frame which was done using enamels. Both the illustration and the frame were done completely freehand- no rulers or curves were used for the lines. This guy measures 22.25"x29.25" and is the original with an original frame, ready to hang. I also have 13"x19" signed & numbered limited edition prints of this piece- both the original and prints are available here:

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Custom Riviera Giclee's Available!

I just hooked up with a new print company that specializes in Archival Giclee printing and everything I have gotten from there has been absolutely stellar. The Riviera painting is one of the the 1st to be produced as a gallery wrapped canvas giclee- these measure 36"x12"x1.5" (same dimensions as the original) and come signed, numbered, and ready to hang. $100- price includes shipping within the USA. Available here:  Http://