Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Sharpie Laptop 2- The Sequel!!!

UPDATE(11/27/12): Custom Sharpie Mac & Laptop Decals NOW AVAILABLE  <--- br="br" click="click" get="get" how="how" see="see" to="to" yours="yours">

Yesterday I picked up a laptop from one of my favorite customers to be Sharpied. My goal was to get it done in the evening hours and bring it back to him the next morning. And so it was! I spent some time on it last night trying a different approach- use a fresh marker with a clean point to make a finer more condensed piece using some of the ideas that are more recent to me. I had to be a lot more careful with this one putting exact width lines down on the first try, but it all worked out. I do normally try to scale what I'm doing to be relative to the amount of surface I'm working on, but since some of my ideas and methods have changed, I wanted to try and scale them down as well. This particular laptop has a thick clear plastic cover that snaps over the top and will serve as an excellent protective barrier.

Another happy customer!

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  1. I am wanting to do a small sharpie piece of artwork on a coffee mug and a saucer. Do I need to bake these items to make the ink more permanent and would I be able to wash these items and drink/eat off of the designed surface?