Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sharpie Mural

Today I started yet another Sharpie job- but unlike most of the others I've done in the past, this one is on a wall in a house. The house happens to be owned by my brother Jake. Many months ago we agreed that it was a pretty cool idea to do given the large blank area in the kitchen at the end of the table. We also agreed that a new color should be put down in the area to be Sharpied... something different. So orange it was! We also agreed that it should be framed like a picture in a contrasting color when done. We masked out the area to be painted first, then rolled on a few coats over the course of a couple days to get the orange to cover evenly. I painted it when I was on 'vacation' last year, so I had some free time. That quickly changed and I was unable to manage enough time to move forward with it. With our 'deadline' nearing, I decided it must be done! And I'm sure Jake will appreciate not having a huge orange rectangle in his kitchen. So here I am laying out the rails of the design around the cross sectioned V-8 I drew initially. The V-8 was sketched out in pencil first using a small picture for reference. I did it in pencil initially because I wanted it to be as proportionally accurate as possible and as centered as possible. I went over all the lines with marker and Wa La! The beginnings of a very cool thing.

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