Sunday, January 29, 2012

Custom Vw Beetle Rendering

Last night while we were watching a movie I decided to break out the new pencils and get something down on paper. Since I now own an old Vw Bug, I thought what better place to start. There are a good number of Bugs running around here each with their own little twist... but I've got a couple new ideas I wanted to demonstrate. Starting with cutting the roof down significantly while retaining that nice sloping shape that the Bugs have. After having driven around in one of these tiny things, I can safely imagine that if you cut the roof down enough on one of these Bugs, you'd need to move the front seats back a little bit- so the front doors need to be a little bit longer. I also removed the frame around the door and and side windows making it into a 'hard top' style. The fenders are modified to allow for over sized wheels and tires to fit once the car is lowered as well as having exaggerated body shape to them. The hood is cut down so that it sits back off the front of the car allowing the fenders and lights to appear to stick out a little past the hood. The hood is also at a more gradual slope to unify the low cut shape of the entire car. This car would take a million hours to make- however it only took the length of the movie to draw. And as unrealistic as it seems, who cares- That's what putting concepts down is all about!

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