Thursday, September 13, 2012

8 NEW pieces of Sharpie Art!

Now that I'm backed by Sharpie, I feel the compulsion to do lots and lots of Sharpie art. They sent me tons of markers and I like putting them to good use. At the same time, I've been testing out various versions of hot press illustration board to see what works best with what I like to do. In the future I'll be setting up a store with prints and originals available... so I thought I had better get started on some originals. Or at least some good ideas for originals.

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So 1st up is the curly sharpie art with the lady face. I call this one 'Thoughts' since it kind of looks like what's in her head is actually coming out onto paper. This one is different then the norm for me... still needs tweaking, but I think it could be a cool idea.


2nd is a piece I call 'Sharpie City' since (to me) it looks like busy sharpie city streets. I used a different shape marker then I usually use, so it encouraged me to draw differently. More edgy, less flowy. I actually sold that one to a tv producer in Hollywood while doing the 3rd one...


This one I did for and at a company called Qubeey. They asked me to do a Sharpie piece while they filmed me on a huge green screen for what would become a time lapse video. It was a lot of fun to do and I got to meet some really cool people. I got it done pretty quick and everyone was really happy. It was then sold to the CEO of Qubeey.


The 4th one is another idea I've had for a while... the incorporation of some light airbrushing with the Sharpie-ness. I love it and I think it'll look killer on the right car. It's just the right addition to create a little extra depth and breath a little more life into the look. Also there is a paint 'kaboom' in the corner.

The 5th is one I did at a brewery event I was a part of where I did live artwork. I used Sharpie Metallic Silver and Bronze on a black board to try and create a layered effect. It's pretty neat... also needs some sharpening but a cool idea I think.

The 6th one was a test of organic and rigid shapes mixed together to create this dragon/octopus thing. Looks pretty neat... and strange at the same time.


This one was a submission to a Sharpie contest. The basis being the use of the colors Purple and Blue. This one was done with yellow, white, purple, and a few shades of blue- some ink and most paint markers. A tiny little bit of airbrushing was done to break up the purple. I found that the lighter paint markers allow you to make some fling and drips- which I think helps it feel less like sticker. Definitely different then my norm, but still very fun!



Last but not least is an idea that I've had for a loooooong time that seems to be popular. A Sharpie Blue Print. I used white paint markers on a blue board, and basically just wanted to get the idea down. On the next one I plan to go further with detail and the incorporation of mechanical things. Although just an idea, I really like the style of this one.

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*All artwork is created and owned by Chris Dunlop. All rights reserved.
©Chris Dunlop (Pinstripe Chris) 2012

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