Sunday, August 26, 2012

Silver Leaf and Pinstripes on the new compressor

Last week the shop received a new compressor courtesy of Ingersoll Rand- it's a great gift but only available in a tan color. That had to go, so Jason and Ron painted it up this very sharp green pearl. My job was to add the CW Restoration logo using silver leaf, and pinstriping around it. I used a banner for measurement references and scale, then went on about the leafing process. The leaf was done before the final clear- and the stripes after that to keep everything clean. The logo came out great- no holidays in the silver leaf, and the lines came out sharp. On the day we were filming for Hot Rod Tv, I got a little bored and broke out the paint and brushes again to do a nice design on one side of the compressor. The design came out great and the colors all worked great together. I think this was the 1st time the guys I work with have really seen me do something that I actually do. I hope they liked it!

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