Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sharpie (toy) Lamborghini!

UPDATE: This toy Lambo is for sale on eBay! Starting at $0.99 with no reserve, Check it out:


Well it's been a long time, so here's something I did for fun. Sharpie recently sent me a package full of lots and lots of markers. Included in this box was a 1/18 scale model of a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. Very generous gift, so I thought what better then to Sharpie it. It actually turned out to be quite challenging- The surface area was so small and I wanted to try and get in as much as possible. It got easier as I went along though. And as I was working on it I was seeing how the scale of the artwork as well as the design and shape could have a major impact on the finished product. I didn't really see it until I was about half way through, but it at least made me consider a few things. I really like doing the highly detailed and dense artwork- but maybe I need to put more focus and emphasis on the overall shape and flow. The original Sharpie Lamborghini did this wonderfully. Now it's time for me to take my artwork a little further. Looking at this scale model helped me to see the entire thing at once rather then being hunched over an area for hours at a time But back to the mini Lambo! I got the artwork done in under 2 hours- I even went as far as to take a white Sharpie Paint marker and pinstripe the rims. It may not seem like it, but it made a huge difference. Next I got to practice using the manual features on the digital camera. Since the object I was shooting was pretty small, the auto settings weren't cutting it. Just couldn't get it to focus correctly. I used some white and black illustration board as background and foreground for my make shift photo shoot. Some spiffy angles later, and some sharp focus and VoilĂ - we have cool photos! I definitely want to be doing some more of these in the future- it's great practice and a lot of fun!

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