Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 NEW Sharpie Art Pieces to start a NEW Series

Since my original travel arrangements have quite gotten sorted out, I've had a lot of time to really put some ideas down on paper, illustration board, shirts... with a variety of ideas that I've wanted to try. These 2 pieces however, are indicative of a serious change of direction with the Sharpie Art I do. The high contrast of the Black & White pieces work especially well on large scales- but I think the smaller illustrations should be different then it's big brother. Not entirely, but noticeably. And since Im gearing towards a lot more illustration and print work, I really wanted to start pushing the boundaries of the art and try to make a bigger visual impact.

Up 1st is my new personal favorite- "Surreal Chess" on 23"x14" paper. This piece started out as a sketched idea from the night beforethat I knew I wanted to try, but wasn't totally sure how it would come out. So the next day I grabbed a fresh sheet of paper and drew out what I imagined in the perspective I imagined. 90% of this piece is done with Sharpies (fine, ultra fine, king size), but it's the 10% done with very transparent Acrylics through the Iwata Airbrush that bring everything to life. The only 2 colors of any product used on this were black and white. I intended this to be a test piece, but I was so happy to be able to complete it without destroying it. Big time artists that do perspective, lighting, and shadowing flawlessly really amaze me, and I hope to get to that level one day.

The 2nd is also my 2nd favorite- "Sharpie Illusions" on 16"x22" paper. This one is few days older then the 1st one, but the idea is similar- visual impact, but with simplicity in mind. It was also intended to be a test piece of an idea, but ended up being very clean. I set out to practice perspective and shadows, and how they can effect even a basic design. Again this is about 90% Sharpie, but the 10% of airbrushing really makes it. I was very careful with perspective on this one and even went as far as to paint in where the paper is distorted and ripped from entry. To me it's really neat. I could have gone further, but I thought I'd save that for the next one.

As a result of some of these ideas working out, I've decided to do a series of these called "Sharpie Illusions". They will have their own page on the Sharpie portion of and will be available as prints and originals.

Thanks for looking!

©Chris Dunlop "Pinstripe Chris" 2012

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