Thursday, November 22, 2012

Random Sharpie Piece on Grey Illustration Board

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So I'm sitting here on Thanksgiving on the computer already and thought I might as well put up a couple updates to the site and blog. Today's random piece was done on grey illustration board that I bought the other night not totally sure where I would go with it. At the time when I was inking it my head was full of lots and lots of thoughts and ideas (as there is a lot going on right now), and the artwork will usually come out in the form of how I'm thinking- so this one ended up being made up of a lot more fine lines/components. As a result it feels more mechanically detailed then some of the other pieces I've done recently. Even as busy as it is, I still wanted to get a little airbrushing in there to help it take some more shape- so a little bit of acrylic black and white were added to finish it out. I think this one is really interesting to look at from the surrounding 'waves', to the clean curved shapes- definitely something different.

Thanks for looking!

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