Monday, November 26, 2012

Sharpie Art Portrait

A couple weeks ago I was asked by a good friend and customer of mine to do a Sharpie piece in the style of my "Sharpie Thoughts" piece using a portrait of his daughter. It was a great idea and was intended as a birthday gift for her. Initially I set out to do a sketch of the idea before I went full on with ink... but i decided to put some ink into my initial layout anyways so that he could see how the original would potentially look. What was tricky about getting the ink down on this one was that because of the small scale I was working in, I did most of this inking with a 0.3 mm Sharpie pen- which leaves pretty much zero error for mistakes or wobbles. But it came out great! I was a little surprised at how sharp the initial 'sketch' had come out, so I sent it off to the customer for approval. He said if I could finish it out then to just go for it! So the last step was to try and get some airbrush detail in like I have been with recent pieces. I veeeeery carefully airbrushed drop shadows below every single curly-Q, dot, and arrow. In a addition I did a little shading in the portrait to bring all the tones together, but without getting too carried away. Tucked neatly into the artwork it says "Kira, Sweet 16". As with always, this is 100% free hand- no templates, stencils or tape was used. This was a great idea and a lot of fun to do. Ended up being a little abstract, a little decco, but very cool.What a great gift from a father to his daughter  :)

I would love to be doing more of these type of illustrations- so if you're interested feel free to send me an email-

"Kira"  Sharpie and Acyclic on 13"x15" marker paper

© Chris Dunlop "Pinstripe Chris" 2012

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