Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 NEW and unique pieces of Sharpie ART



I really love the artwork that I create-  especially the Sharpie Art. From one project to the next the ideas and limitations change and progress into a newer version of itself. Lately I've looking at the artwork from a different point of view-  how can I keep it moving forward? What I'm basically looking to do is pump more creativity into my ideas to make them more effective- using other tools I have. These 3 pieces are examples of that. The addition of some light shading in places to show more shape, as well as drop shadows done with acrylic washes to help show more depth. Line weights are also something I'm putting more thought into- how distances can be easier read by variations in line weight. The really tangled looking piece (bottom) was my 1st go at being a little more strategic. The roller coaster looking piece (middle) was my more thought out version of the overall idea of depth and shape, while adding a couple elements in from other pieces of my Sharpie art. I carefully made tried to treat each element with a certain perspective and light source. I also tried to make sure that no element appeared 'flat'. On the 3rd piece (top), I toyed with the idea of selective focus. The goal being to see what it would look like if the closer shapes were sharper then the far away ones- would it create any depth? Seeing how it was my 1st attempt at mixing airbrush and Sharpie in this manor, I think it could be better and ultimately, more effective. But- this is still really neat. I also crashed one of the rails thru another to see what that would look like. All done free hand with sharpies, pencils, and acrylics via airbrush and paint brush- no digital tricks were used to make or distort any shapes.


  1. That first one is awesome, with the shadows of the arrows. Cool stuff man.

    1. Thank you very much mr John! That one's my faaaaavorite