Sunday, November 4, 2012

High Quality Canvas Prints of Sharpie Cars, Sharpie art, and more are coming to the website!!

Since I had this past week off from the shop I've been able to do many of things needed to be done during normal business hours. One of which was visit a company that would potentially be in charge of the prints I'll be selling on my website The company's name is Maxwell Dickson, and they're a print company based out of LA completely run by artists- so they make their own art as well as print it. They specialize in VERY high quality prints on canvas. The folks there were incredibly nice and answered all my questions- I can tell they're going to be a great company to work with. As part of the visit, they printed me a 24"x16" of the Sharpie Camaro-  and it looks fantastic! Soon I'll finish up adding all the buttons to the site necessary to purchase prints of various sizes of everything from Sharpie Cars, to Sharpie Art on board, to Renderings- right from the image you're viewing. Since the cars I do go Bye Bye once I'm done, I really have no way of doing anything else with the artwork after that. And since I've gotten to work with some awesome photographers, the photos themselves are excellent. Now that I'm selling originals on illustration board, it also seemed smart to be producing prints of those as well. I'm super excited to get this rolling!

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