Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Sharpie Helmet

                                         ^^ All of these were taken BEFORE clear coat^^
                                          ^^ Here it is in the booth getting cleared by me  :)
                                          ^^The original helmet

Yesterday afternoon I was handed a brand new Simpson Racing helmet that belongs to one of the customers at Cw Restorations... and it was white. With the owner only asking me to incorporate a few details- he said the rest was up to me. So naturally, I say Sharpie! A little diss assembly and prep later and I was layin' some ink down. The helmet was a really interesting shape to draw on-  constant curve. First it was one of those fun new challenges, then it was the catalyst for the flow and shape of things. A little bit last night, and a little bit this morning and the ink was done. I incorporated the owners name (Mike Wong), shop name (CW), car name (Cam-Manche), and my name/site (C. Dunlop/  I got everything in there and in a way that isn't too distracting I think. Next step was to run over to the shop and get it the rest of the way ready for clear, and clear it. A short while later and it was SHINEY. I'm still having debates with people about the effects of clear coat on Sharpie... but that's alright. Here's another example of the possibilities. I'll post finished photos soon!

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