Friday, November 9, 2012

Sharpie Speed piece with Airbrushing


Last night I decided I want to just put something down on paper- no specific idea to try- just wanted to hammer something out. I did want to do it quickly to see where I could be at in what kind of time tho. So I grabbed a Sharpie and got all the ink down on this piece fairly quick- about an hour. It doesn't have the pazzaz that some of the more detailed pieces has, but it's still very clean, and very straight, and very sharp. As with pinstriping and same areas of airbrushing, the faster you move, the sharper and smoother your lines. The trick being that you need think as quick as you draw to put our lines down where you want. This piece is a good example of that. I hung this one on the wall with the rest of the random pieces I have earlier in the day... but when I got home I saw it and thought that I could make it better. Typically once I've got completed photos of something, I feel pretty comfortable making additions to see where it goes. In this case, I picked up the airbrush and filled it with a very weak mix of acyclic black. From there I carefully went around and shaded a few things while shadowing others. When I was done with that I felt the piece was much more complete and interesting. It's funny how much little things can make a difference. Well Im totally happy with this piece now-  back on the wall it goes!

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  1. Hi Chris, good to meet you today at Cbad Cars. Impressive work you have got here. Hey, I posted a photo of you working today, on Facebook. The car page is called RallyWays. Just search "rallyways" on Fb and you should find it easy. Otherwise you can find it through Richard's connections. Thanks, Danny