Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sharpie Car done LIVE at CBad Cars & StumbleFoot Brewery

Yesterday I was invited to an event that was 2 events in 1 to do some live artwork on a car-  CBad Cars (which is an early morning gathering of cars in Carlsbad, Ca from 7am- 9am), and Stumblefoot Brewery (which a number of people from the 1st event also go to the 2nd to hang at the brewery). So I got up super early to drive down to San Diego County and be on time. There were already plenty of cars there, a lot of which were show cars from SEMA 2012. I met the owner of the truck there for the 1st time and he was super open to what I was wanting to do and just let me go at it. There I got to meet lots of cool people and show them what I was doing as well as talk about my artwork. Its always so much fun to do these types of jobs at shows where people can physically see it happen. LOTS of photos being taken too. After a short while it was time to relocate to our next destination- the brewery. We got set up there and I continued to draw until the point I realized most everyone had left. I was having too much fun and didn't really see that happening around me. So I finished off the 'island' I was working on, and that was that! This particular piece was done just for the shows, and it worked out terrifically. I've been getting more requests lately to travel around and do these live at events-  and I'm always up for it! As always, this was a total blast and I can't wait for the next one!

Special thanks to Michael J Macare for organizing the events, and Victor Lopez Jr for bringing his truck!

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