Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fun with Sharpie & Perspective

With my week 'off' I've really been able to catch up with some of my ideas and finally put some down. Now that I've caught up a bit on sleep I can see which of my ideas make no sense at all and which are worth trying out. So today I tried a common twist of perspective on paper. I'll typically try something out on a small scale first before committing it to something full scale. So I got out some paper and drew out some of the basic lines of a design I would do, but with emphasis on certain areas. I also focused on trying to stay true to 1 perspective instead of a more random abstract set. The combination of the new techniques I'm working on and the sleep I've gotten really aided in producing these very quickly. With a bit more practice I feel like I can make the artwork have a better impact, but I say it's a good start.

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