Saturday, January 11, 2014

Custom 1949 Mercury Rendering (test piece)

I'm gearing up to do a rendering of a 49 Merc for a customer-  and sometimes when I'm getting ready to do a rendering I do a quick practice version of it so I can test out some materials. This way I'll already have all my tones and colors picked out and ready to go for the final piece. So this was a test piece I did a couple nights ago of a custom 49 Merc using:

Canson Pro Layout Marker Paper

ProMarker True Blue
PrismaColor Indigo Blue
PrismaColor Cool Greys
Copic Toner Greys
Bic Pen

Fw Acrylics Indigo Blue (airbrushed)
Fw Acrylcis Black (airbrushed)

PrismaColor Indigo Blue Pencil
PrismaColor White Pencil

White Gouache for highlights

Now that I've got all my tools picked out, I can get started on a cleaner version of the real deal

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