Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Custom 1949 Chevy Truck Rendering

Earlier in the month I was asked to put together a rendering for PAC Racing Springs of the 49 Chevy truck they're building- it sounded like a great project and opportunity so I jumped on board. All the details were explained to me and the challenge I really saw was the patina/rusted look with some remaining body color. But challenges push your limits and really help you go further so I really wanted to make it happen. In addition there was some new trim, a special emblem on the hood, and white wall tires wrapped around red smoothies. It came down to testing out a bunch of acrylic color combinations together and using some new techniques to bring it all together. This rendering was done using airbrushed acrylics, gouaches, pens and markers on 16"x24" illustration board- all done by hand, none of it is done digitally. It was a great opportunity and I couldn't be happier with the way it came out- a great challenge and learning experience.

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