Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Sharpie Art "V-12" For Sale

So here's the last piece of 2012 I did I call "V-12". I decided on this name because I think it has a slight Ferrari/Italian feel with the Red & white split between a Gold pinstripe, and also because this piece has more of a smooth flow with larger elements rather then smaller more highly complex elements. The piece was really a test of could the art still make an impact with less? I was able to get more detail into the larger elements this way, which I like. Also I like the contrast of simplicity from some of my other pieces. The corner shot is to show that the artwork neatly continues around all the edges giving it a finished look without adding a frame.

Sharpie, Acrylic, Enamel on 15"x20" Canvas
As with always, this was done completely freehand and both the artwork and acrylic wrap around the canvas.

 Original and 8.5"x11" Prints For Sale-
The prints are cropped down to just the canvas piece with no border and color adjusted digitally for clarity. Click here to see the Print Version


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