Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Sharpie Art "Lamborgreeni" For Sale

After taking about a thousand photos, here's the final picture of the piece titled "Lamborgreeni". This piece is a new version of the piece I did a couple weeks back titled "Art In Motion", but sports a huge mix of acrylics in addition to the sharpie art to bring it to life. I went with a number of different application techniques- brushed acrylics, flung acrylics, airbrushed acrylics...all over the Sharpie art. Even decided to go with a carbon fiber like stripe at the top to kind of help keep the mood without dominating the piece with black, white and green. The corner shot is to show that the artwork wraps around all the edges of the canvas giving it a complete and finished look. The colors are nice and bright, but definitely better in person. This is a great piece for anyone who like Italian craftsmanship mixed with abstract art.  I will definitely be doing more of these with some more cool cars!

Sharpie & Acrylic on 18"x24" Canvas

For Sale


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