Friday, December 7, 2012

NEW Sharpie Art Piece "Sharpie Labyrinth"

A couple evenings ago I decided to try out a new piece of 15"x20" Marker Illustration Board to see what it could handle. To my delight and surprise, it handled everything that I wanted it to very very well- no bleeding of edges, the white was very clean and smooth, and the board was nice and firm. Just fantastic. I wish I had gotten a larger piece actually. In doing this piece I also decided I wanted to try and do a more 'traditional' sharpie piece- something without airbrushing or acrylics. As a result I found myself spending more time on detail to help make the piece more interesting and really bring it to life. Somehow, it still has a little feeling of depth. I'm very very happy with the way it came out and can't wait to get more!

This original piece is now available for only $100:

To see more Sharpie art on Cars & Canvas, please check out my website:

Thanks for looking!

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