Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another NEW Sharpie Art Piece (WIP)- bigger is better!!

Yesterday I was out at the art store and decided to pick up the largest, smoothest piece of illustration board they had in White- it was 32"x40". It's a bit larger then the desk I usually use so some modification were necessary. But, I managed to get setup and inking pretty much right away. I decided I wanted to make this one like the last one I did ("Sharpie Labyrinth") in that it was really well detailed using a number of different tip sizes depending on what I was trying to achieve. This piece will likely end up being cut into 3 tall sections (triptych) when it's done. My lady took this pic just before I stopped for the evening to have dinner with her... so here's where I'm at after a couple hours.I'll get back on it and done in the next couple evenings so I can have it ready for this weekends art show.

Thanks for looking!

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