Friday, December 14, 2012

Some rare never before seen Sharpie Car Photos

 The Sharpie Camaro-  This was taken the night the car was finished, but the night before the photographer came out and took the awesome photos.
 The Sharpie Fiero- Not many know that there's a Giger style skull piece on the trunk of the Sharpie Fiero. This photo was taken very early on before the area was finished.
 The Sharpie Harley Davidson-  Cleaning up the original photos I took of this one is long overdue, but I'm finally makin' some progress!
 The Sharpie Mustang- This was one of many many shots I took of the roof during Phase 1 of this job.
 The Pro Street Camaro-  I have very very few completed pictures of this car since it was assembled after I moved, but I took this one while I was traveling to the area to do Phase 2 of the Sharpie Mustang.

As it turns out I have a whooooole archive of never before seen pictures of some of the Sharpie Cars- some in process, and some finished. Typically I like to hire a professional to do the final pics and they always come out fantastic- but throughout the process I take a bazillion pictures. Now that Im keeping the site in order regularly, updating the Facebook page constantly, and adding pics to Pinterest, I've been getting my practice in with photo editing. And what better to practice with then some old photos- So here's a peak at what's to come!

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