Thursday, April 26, 2012

Custom 69 Camaro Rendering

UPDATE 12/8/12This piece was SOLD!! But you can still buy a print on the store page of the website:   Pinstripe Chris Store

When we moved to California I started working at a hot rod/restoration shop that is currently home for this 69 Camaro. I also started working on the car itself... I'm actually still working on the car. It landed at our shop for body and paint after having had some pretty significant customizations done at a different shop. The car was originally supposed to be painted black, but a possible spot in the BASF booth at SEMA this year meant that it could not be painted black or white. So the idea was to paint it a nice deep metallic blue that has a pearl in it that would brighten on the body lines of the car. A couple renderings of this car have already been done via CGI (one in black and one in blue), but that just wasn't doing it for me. So I offered to do a blue one using traditional media- airbrush ink, acrylics, and pencils. I whipped up a couple sketches and went with the angle I thought most effective- then I went to town with tape and paint. Once the car was done I added the gradient blue back panel to help bring out the picture. Then I went to FedEx and had a reverse color copy made so that I could put it under the paper and give the impression of lightly reflective floor. The paper is pretty transparent, so all it took was lining up the wheels to get the effect. The end result is a nice sharp blue rendering of this 69 Camaro. This piece definitely gave me lots of good practice and as always, was a blast to do!

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