Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Sharpie Mustang Part 8- The Return!

Well here's a change of gears. The owner of the Sharpie Mustang I did last year made some pretty sweet additions to his already nice ride- changed out the bumpers, added a sleeker spoiler, and added some super sharp wheels. These finishing touches actually made the artwork portion of the car look unfinished. So we agreed that the artwork needed to be at the same level as the rest of the car, and ideally have it done before the start of car show season. The Ocean City Cruise In is a pretty big deal in Maryland, so the goal is to have it ready for that show. Trouble is I am no longer in Maryland so this job would require many ducks to be in a row. My boss generously flew me to Maryland so that I could do this and another Sharpie car as a representative of the shop. Yesterday the Mustang was dropped off for it's additional artwork and I began by washing it thoroughly, prepping it, washing it again, and laying out the fine line tape where the artwork would end. We decided that a 2-toned type scheme would fit best without being anymore over the top then it already is. I spent the remainder of yesterday gathering materials and making a plan. I got some lines down but was a bit lagged from the flight. Today was the first solid sharpie day- I decided to start form the back and work towards the front so I could get back in the groove of the art. While I'm drawing I also need to be conscious of the artwork I've already done on the roof so that the ideas and themes feel uniform. I managed to get all the way through the back section... was a long day, but it was a blast! I really like what I've got layed down and tomorrow I'll get started on the front end.

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