Sunday, April 1, 2012

1935 Ford Custom Rendering

A couple days I ago I was reading about some practicing techniques for doing renderings. One suggestion was to do smaller drawings so that the entire practice process would go faster, and less time would be spent on detail- basically an effort to work on just proportion and color. I found a good reference pic of a 35 Ford in a magazine and began drawing away. I didn't want to just re-draw the car I was looking at so I made some changes. The back end is stretched out a bit further then stock and the rear fenders are stretched to match. I added the ultra thin Cadillac style tail lights, but had them taper to a point at the bottoms so they'd emulate the tear drop style of the car. The back glass in the picture I drew from seemed too slim to me and was oval shaped, so I changed it to something a little more modern. Although the goal was not to spend too much time on detail, where I could I did. This drawing was the first time I used Steve Stanford's method of color blocking and airbrushed gradients. A lot of really tiny pieces of masking tape were used. The drawing is almost 10 inches across and a little bit of marker, airbrush ink, and acrylics were used. Photographing these drawings seems to be a bit of a challenge since each medium reflects light a little differently, but it turned out ok.

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