Friday, March 30, 2012

Ferrari Concept Car

Last weekend I broke out some new markers, pencils, and paper to make a fresh new rendering from scratch. This gave me the opportunity to practice some new technique with new materials. Years ago I did a bunch of Ferrari style concept cars since they are my favorite. I really wanted to try and render something red, so I thought this type of car would be a good start. I also wanted to try a view that I'm less comfortable with just for practice. Normally I'd draw a car with the front end on the left and work to the right- this time I did the opposite. The car itself is a mix of F360, F430, and F458 styling. I used a little bit of marker, chalk pastels, pencils, and acrylic paint for details. The only thing I didn't use that I normally would is an airbrush. This gave me the chance to practice some other mediums so that later I can use the airbrush more efficiently.

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