Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Sharpie Pro Street Camaro Part 9 & 10

Today was Sharpie the chin spoiler day. It was decided that the smart way to do it was to continue down from the artwork off the sides of the car where the 2 pieces would meet (chin spoiler/fender). So I prepped the spoiler and Steve mounted it up to the car so that I could make a decent attempt at connecting the rails from the artwork on the fenders as well as the lower valence onto the spoiler- thus making all the artwork look continuous and connected. Once that was done and remounted the front end looked as complete as the rear. From here there's no more Sharpie to do, but there is still plenty of work. The next step was really to continue looking at the car as a whole and decide on 2 things- drop shadows, and pinstripe. The order that the remaining work would be done in is mask up the panels, airbrush any drop shadows, clear panels, unmask, prep panels, pinstripe, reclear. So where we're out now it's important to make the drop shadow/pinstripe choices. Rather then trying to explain what I imagined, I went home and did  test panel. The panel I did on white and used a red pinstripe only because this panel is also for me and can be used again later- I just wanted to get the basic idea down. When I was Sharpieing on the car I intentionally ran ll the artwork off the edges, as well as connecting them to adjacent panels- trying to achieve the look of being continuous under the paint rather then just being a block on the paint. The next step to visually achieve this is an accurately placed drop shadow. The pinstripe is more of a finishing touch then anything. So next I'll be masking up the car to possibly do some airbrushing, as well as shooting clear.


  1. IS this art car ready for art car central??? Let me know when its done I would love to post a link on my site:):):):):)

  2. This one is aaaaaaaaaalmost ready- I still have to pinstripe this one but that pretty much finishes it up for me. How do I get in touch with you when it's all finished? Thanks!