Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Sharpie Pro Street Camaro Part 11

Today mas mask up the car and clear day. The goal here was to continue masking only the panels that were Sharpied (instead of the entire body). Reason being that it's best to concentrate the need to get the clear to cooperate with the Sharpie in the smallest amounts possible. Since the car has been laid out as a panel paint job, then this works out perfectly- requiring concentration of technique over a slightly smaller surface area. Slightly. The car is nearly covered with Sharpie really, but not totally. And since the entire car is going to get cleared again, I can basically use this step as a lock down for the Sharpie so that the guy clearing the car doesn't have to worry about it. I masked the car all the way to the ground since the drive line is installed and quite pretty. Also the bottom and inside of the car has been nicely painted- so I'd like not to get any overspray on these areas. After the car was masked I went in and cleaned everything very carefully. Then I added some drop shadows around each panel going a little heavier on central lines and drop lines to simulate overhead lighting. After that I went right in with clear coat. I tried not to build up too much so there wouldn't be too much of an edge to knock down later, but wanted to make sure I had enough to protect the Sharpie. Next I'll unmask the car and we'll decide on the pinstripe!

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