Monday, December 26, 2011

The Sharpie Pro Street Camaro Part 7 & 8

These 2 parts nearly complete the Sharpie portion of this job- the hood scoop and the lower valence area. The hood scoop was done off the car so that I could get around everything as easily as possible while maintaining to connect the rails from the hood to the scoop itself. The artwork goes under the front edge and back edge of the scoop. Once it was set in place it really unified the front end and helped with the overall awesomeness. With the addition of that, it's clear that we're close to the end of drawing. Or so I thought. Steve pointed out that if I was to do the front chin spoiler that it might be a good addition to do a small area that connects it to the center stripe artwork. I wasn't sure about it at first, but after a few minutes of thinking and imagining I got it. The car is conveniently on a lift so it wasn't all bad trying to draw upside down- at least I was able to stand up. It still wasn't easy, but definitely felt like a good fit after it was done. It isn't super obvious from the ground that that section is done, but that doesn't make it count any less. Last piece to do is the chin spoiler, and with that in place the fender edges and lower center stripe will be unified. From there we move on to the more challenging stages- Clear and Pinstripes.

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  1. This is the One Buddy. Im sure a few Mags will get this thing.