Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sharpie Pro Street Camaro Part 6

Today was Sharpie the spoiler day. I was bent in various ways twisting my wrist in directions it's not meant to go to get as nice of lines as possible in these obscurely shaped areas. The front wasn't too bad- just kind of a sharp downward angle. The backside was a bit more challenging since it has few angle changes in areas as well as being partially upside down. Making nice lines from one shape change to the next was interesting to do, but not impossible. I did the front side first before we decided on the back side. Steve made the call on doing the back side and what a difference. The sides and the top have a really good unified feel to them now- you can look down the car from the front and see the flipped edge of the spoiler and it looks great, or down the car from the back and see the opposite side of the spoiler unifying the back end. From here the scoop and chin spoiler need to be done to achieve the same finished feel of the front end. There doesn't seem like there's much blank space left on the car, but what is blank really keeps the balance.

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