Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Sharpie Pro Street Camaro Part 5

I nearly got the roof done on the day I started it, but time restrictions meant I had to stop a little earlier then usual. So today I finished up the roof and started/finished the trunk. It's been a whole mess of hours, but it's been great. There's nothing I enjoy doing more then this. At this point the car isn't covered end to end (although some might say it is)- it's been split up into sections and panels to carefully distinguish where and where not to Sharpie. The balance of the main body color and the panels is very important. Initially after the sides were done there was too much body color showing on the top of the car. We've certainly cured that. It wasn't until I got on a ladder to take some of these pics that I really saw this piece come together. At eye level you really can't see quite as much at one time. In fact, you really need to walk around it several times. The contrast of the black Sharpie against the bright silver is also super clean- no loud colors that would otherwise make this busier then it is. Next step is the spoiler and the hood scoop... then we move onto masking up the rest of the car for a little airbrushing and clear.

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