Friday, October 14, 2011

Sharpie Camaro FINAL PICs

Well It's been a blast-  but now this one's done. Good but sad. Good in that I can finally catch up some some sleep- Sad in that I won't have something cool like a Sharpie Car waiting for me at work. No worries though... there are already a couple of potentials being discussed  :)

Sharpie & Paint by Pinstripe Chris
Photos by Beverly Jensen


  1. Wow, the search that got me here may have gone astray, but it was worth it. This is beyond amazing! How many markers did this take and what did you seal if with?

  2. Your search sent you off the beaten path to artwork thats off the beaten path... coincidence? ;) This particular sharpie job used up about 10 markers depending on how you count. They never ran out of ink, but the tips would wear out. Then I carefully sealed everything with about 5 coats of automotive clear coat.

    I have to know- what were you searching for that got you here without looking for it?

  3. A motorcyle....that's what I was looking for, but the cars are just as pretty to look at. OMG great job!