Friday, December 9, 2011

The Sharpie Pro Street Camaro Part 1

Why yes, another Camaro. But this one is far from being just any Camaro. This is a well built 1971 pro street like no other- fresh out of the paint shop with it's initial color and clear laid down. The car is unique and full tilt, and as it turns out, so too will be the paint. Once the car was painted it was re-prepped for the next round of paint. After some exchange of ideas and drawing a few things out we arrived at the least likely but most unique idea- Sharpie. But instead of just putting Sharpie down in the usual layout or manner, it was decided that it was best to make good use out of mixing old with new (since laying Sharpie on a 1971 anything would be just that). So I laid out upper and lower panels down the sides of the Camaro where I wanted to fill- and in place of using the time period correct lace, I would do Sharpie art. There are additional tricks, but I'll get into that later. So here is the car with it's initial layout before I started drawing...

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