Monday, October 10, 2011

Sharpie Camaro part 7

At the very last minute I decided to call a pro to take final pictures of the Camaro. This is Beverly Jensen. She came out late Friday night and spent at least a couple hours at the shop taking some awesome pictures. Everything that I've seen if Beverly's is excellent, and her work truly speaks for itself. She has a very good sense of what makes photos professional in every sense, and is quite knowledgeable in her field. I washed the car up nicely before she arrived and it was decided that the best place to take the pictures would be in the paint booth. And why not? The lighting was ample and all the artwork is contained in the middle of the car. Many many many photos later we we're all done for the night. I've seen some of the proofs, so I know the awesomeness that lies ahead. But good work takes time- so when the time comes, I'll share the finished pics of the Sharpie Camaro. And believe me, it's an excellent reflection of both Beverly's work and my own. That's mainly why I don't want to post up any of my pics... because they basically look like disposable camera pics compared to Beverly's... thus not really doing an justice to the job itself.

To view Beverly's website and gallery you can click her name or go here:
Lots of cool pics, contact page, and just a cool website really.

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