Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some more pinstripe practice!!

If I'm to follow my dreams then I need to practice practice practice more. With some of my free time in between real work this weekend, I did just that. If I'd have known this panel was going to make it all the way to being finished, I would have done a time lapse video. But since it was just a practice piece I wasn't sure that it would make it... but it did!!! So on this particular piece, I started with a blank white panel. Duh. Then I laid out a design in Vermillion, then Aqua, then Dark Magenta. Once that was dry I masked up the design with a little edge around it, as well as a border around the entire panel. Next I sprayed the open area with flat lime green. Then, I airbrushed in some dark green and white green in the shadowed and highlighted areas. After every thing was unmasked I airbrushed in a little more darks and lights to finish everything up. Last but not least, I outlined the border of everything with Magenta. Bright pretty colors... lots of fun!

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