Monday, August 15, 2011

Custom 54 Ford F-100 Rendering

3 Blog posts in 1 day!!!

And yet another time lapse video. My brother Jake owns a 1954 Ford F-100 that he's been trying to get some idea of direction on before he really gets into it. It's great to have ideas, but it's harder to visualize them sometimes. So I thought I'd try my hand at a rendering of a few of the ideas.... which are: Extended cab with short rear door, pillar-less doors (like a hard top car), removing the bottoms of the fenders where they would normally join under the doors via really bulky step side (thus chopping out some of the body), chopped roof, a slightly more modern looking bedside, and of course, newer fancier wheels on a lowered body. So it's really many ideas mixed into one. While drawing it out I made some extra changes which mainly consisted of slanting the cab and it's posts a little more forward, and adjusting the shape and angle of the front grill area. I also put in a bared grill, but that might not make it to the final. This initial drawing will serve as the 'original', and from here I'll use it as an underlay on a fresh piece to test out some coloring methods. This way I don't damage the original, and my finished drawing is on a clean piece of bristol. Hopefully I'll be able to start coloring in the next couple days!

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