Friday, August 12, 2011

Ferrari 355 Rendering

Since I'm supposed to be on 'vacation', I decided to spend some of my time reacquainting myself with a few things as well as trying to learn new things. In this case I decided to mesh a few things together- Drawing, Airbrushing, and Ferrari's. All things I love. If I were to practice painting a Toyota Corolla, I might not care as much for the finished product. Even if this piece becomes a disaster, I've still learned from it. My initial drawing is on smooth bristol paper. I masked out all the body color areas as well as the ground reflection so all of the coloring could be done at the same time. And it's a good thing too because it's taken layers of different colors to get everything where it is... so duplicating them at this point would be a challenge. I've been using Golden Brand Fluid Acrylics for all my shades of red. Rather then paint the whole picture red and go over it with transparent black and white for shading- I'm using different shades of red to build shape. The body is close to being done.... it needs the appropriate pinks in the right areas to show highlighted reds and to add a gloss look. Then the addition of the grills and scoops will clean up some of the edges as well as deepen those areas. So far not too bad... I managed to burn up one of my airbrush compressors yesterday by over use. I'm havin lots of fun tho!

The pic doesn't quite do it justice... the painting isn't that grainy and there is much more distinction between reds. Straaaaaaaange...

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