Monday, August 15, 2011

Ferrari 355 Rendering continued...

Quickly after I started doing the 'paint' on this piece I realized I was really doing this the hard way. Yes, I can admit that. But at this point, if it's going to be finished then it must be finished in the manner I started. So I've been masking areas, working color transitions... dark to light, then light to dark, then highlights... then some more pencil to freshen up some lines. After all that, I untapped the main mask to reveal exactly where I'm at at this point. Everything looks Ok... not wonderful, but not a total waste either. Next up would be the wheels and windows. I am also getting ready to get started on at least 1 new rendering today of something else entirely. It'll give me something to bounce back and forth on. Hopefully by doing that I can combine a few coloring techniques and new ideas to make things look better.

The pic is a bit darker then the rendering actually is... but yea. Some areas still need to be darkend, and some still need to be lightened/highlighted more- but I'm figuring on doing those touches very last.

Again, even if this particular rendering becomes a wash, I've still learned plenty of what to do and not to do on the next ones. Can't learn without making a few mistakes, right?

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