Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New happenins

So I've technically been on vacation for 2 weeks now... with 1 week to go. But I'm getting restless and eager to keep myself both busy and entertained. I recently got a time lapse camera as a birthday present from sister Tammy, and I also recently decided that I wanted to put some time into drawing on paper while I have the chance. These 2 things are a perfect mix. My subject matter is a 1999 Ferrari 355... I didn't find a picture of it in the angle I wanted, but I found one that's close and used several other reference pictures to achieve the angle I wanted. I set up the camera and set it to 30 second intervals and worked in 2 stages- main body shape, then wheels. Ferrari's are quite curvaceous... so transposing the curves of the cars into lines can be tricky... especially if you're changing the perspective from your reference photo. Wheels, while more straight forward, still require good balance and perspective. I decided to turn the front wheel in a little bit (better pose/stance) as well as just making up the wheels (instead of going with the originals). It took a few tries to get them how I liked, but I got it to work. I also added a wet ground reflection to help make the pic more interesting. I've gone just about as far as I'm going to with pencil. A few more little refinements and it'll be ready for paint. Yes, I'm actually going to try to do the color/shading of this one with an airbrush.

More videos to come!

Thanks Tammy!


  1. wow. I see you can have a lot of fun with that camera. the ideas are endless. ......MOM

  2. Anytime, Chris. Your work is amazing!