Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Sharpie Mustang part 2

Back at the shop today after a complete day off... but I couldn't wait to get back to working on this one. Today I got the 1/2 of the roof I started on Sunday finished up and extended out as far as I could reach before I went for the side pillars. I randomly took blank areas and filled them with randomness. Amazingly, it looks somewhat thought out- but I assure you, there is zero planning involved here. I think that if it were all planned out it would become hectic and complicated to both apply and enjoy. But that's not the case here... I'm enjoying the hell out of this canvas of randomness!

We're about 1/2 way here... who know that drawing on someones car with permanent marker would be so much fun... and that you could make a living doing it


  1. Hey man quit slacken. Whatcha..... (that's a whip cracking) looking good man. Your gonna need a squishy duck to squeeze to relieve that hand cramp when ur done. Ill stop by bakers park and pick one up for ya. How many sharpies so far?

  2. You know me... i'm all slack. This job here- nothin but slack. Maaaaan get outta here with that! And yes, I'll need a duck to squeeze- helps with the hand cramping dealy. Common cure. I'm surprised most people don't know about that. I think i'm down 4 or 5 fine tip and i'm still on the 1st chisel tip Sharpie