Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sharpie Mustang part 1

Among the many things I'm working on at the shop, by far the coolest and most interesting is this Mustang. The layout for this car is to do the roof and the adjacent side pillars in Sharpie art, then clear it all when it's done. Once the car was dropped off I got it washed up and ready for prep. The next step was to wet sand all the areas to be Sharpied and cleared followed by another washing. Once the Sharpie really gets started there won't be as much freedom to clean real heavily, so as much pre-cleaning as possible is done now. And once the artwork is started, the car wont go back outside until it's cleared as to protect the open paint from contaminants. Today I really got to put some time into doing the artwork... this is about 4.5 hours worth of Sharpieing here. I got out a fresh box of Sharpies and the Ipod and got goin. I start out by doing what I call the "rails" of the design... this helps define the open and closed space of the designs that I will later fill with randomness. I end all the forward rails with arrows. Once they're done, I start going back and working in other things into the blank spaces trying to keep in mind the black/white balance. So far everything is going great. I'll come back in Tuesday and spend another day of blissful solitude working on this one.

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