Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sharpie Doodles from dinner last night

Last night I had dinner with Caity and Alix... Caity is my fiance and Alix is one of my bestest friends ever. Together with coffee and pancakes at the local IHOP, Alix brought out her Mac-Top that I previously Sharpied at the same IHOP a while back. The top had neatly faded around the corners but needed to be touched up just enough in some areas to bring it back to life a little. After a little touch up was done, we flipped it over and began drawing on the back. I think we got many strange looks but who cares. Oh what fond memories I have of being at IHOP and drawing on things... they're just lucky that i draw on my own things!


  1. There was pancakes?

  2. Oh yes, there were pancakes. Also there was french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs with american cheese, hash browns... and of course, shrapie.

  3. nice work bro ive alway loved doodles thought of doing my car years ago but unfortunately i cant draw and nobody could picture what i was talking about im glad someone with the talent finally stepped out of the box how much do you charge per car.

    1. Thanks dude. I charge based on a number of variables- if you are interested please email me: