Friday, July 1, 2011

Harley Davidson Ford F-350 Pinstripes

A bunch of months back I did a couple pinstripe designs on this Harley Davidson truck. At the time that the designs were done I had talked with the owner about outling the flames that came with the stock paint job on a later date. That later date was a couple days ago. I picked the truck back up from Neal Owens (of The Sunbox Company) and brought it back to the shop where I had to make lots of space to fit it inside. Since the truck was a Harley version, I thought it was missing some orange- so I used 1 Shot Vermilion to outline the flames. Initially the flames were a bit more subtle... but after the orange outline, the truck really had a more complete look to it.

As with always, this was a lot of fun to do!


  1. How many months are in a BUNCH

  2. A 'bunch' in this case refers to several, many, multiple, a few, a number, some... or about 6.