Friday, June 24, 2011

The Bagger with LOTS of Pinstripes

A couple weeks back I was asked to pinstripe a full set of bagger parts off a Harley Davidson along with the matching helmets. The customer brought me all the parts fresh out of paint- the tank, front fender, 2 side covers, front faring, both saddle bags with lids, rear bag lid and 2 helmets. I decided the best way to execute the designs without introducing too many new colors was to start with blue designs on the yellow parts, and yellow designs on the blue parts. After the initial designs were layed out, I went back with white to add a little more to the designs. 1 Shot Reflex Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Lettering White were used. On the gas tank where the blue/yellow paint job was split, I did the designs 1/2 and 1/2- Where the tank is blue it has yellow pins, and where it turns yellow I switched to blue pins. Made a subtle, but neat effect. None of these designs were pre-planned, not even the matching ones.... just one line at a time fun. 14 designs in total.

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