Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sharpie Mustang part 3

Day 3 on the Sharpie Mustang! Despite my lack of sleep over the last couple nights I made decent progress today. I moved over to the drivers side of the roof and just started running lines in whichever direction felt right. What's slightly confusing about doing the driver side is that I naturally want to draw from left to right. That made the passenger side feel natural enough... the drivers side required a little pre-thought. So what I ended up doing to make it simpler was to start from the arrow ends at the front, and draw to the right. So essentially it's backwards, but I don't have to force myself to do it- it's just more natural. That being said... once the 'rails' with arrow points were layed out, it was again time to fill the blank spots with random randomness. I'm going home a tad early so I can rest my back and try to get some actual sleep. Tomorrow I have to start the day with a different job I'm working on, but if there's time enough left in the day hopefully I can put a couple more hours in... we'll see!

Dense with a side of crazyness does not even begin to explain how this looks in person.

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