Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guess what... More Pinstripes!!

After yesturdays production work had winded down it was time to dive into another task. Earlier yesturday Mike of Iron Works brought me a set of tins to be pinstriped. Mike is the painter there and does an awesome job at it. The set he had painted required him to grind the all the parts to bare metal, then grind multiple layers and passes of flames into the metal. After that was done, he masked up the areas that would later be flames, sprayed everything else solid black, then went over it multiple times with flake. Once un-taped, you can see the over all effect. My job was to outline all the flames with Black. This (like so many others) was a lot of fun to do. Black is not the most forgiving color to run stripes with, but certainly adds to the bold contrast. All the stripes were pulled completly freehand and all came out very clean. The tricky part was getting a nice flow in those tight curves using the same brush. Next, Mike will take the parts and shoot Red Kandy over everything to deepen the entire set. Kandy over the black stripe will have no color shift effect, but the stripe will serve as a constant dark border as all the other colors change.

Since the Cadillac and other big jobs this year, jobs like this are becoming simpler and simpler with less mistakes requiring correction, more accuracy, and quicker finish times.

Im growing into my appointed name!

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