Friday, May 6, 2011

Pinstripes on Jake's 66 Mustang

At this point in time, Jake's Mustang has under gone several changes both aesthetic and mechanical. Prior to the flat black with gloss red racing stripes paint job it has now, it had a wicked primer paint job over top it's previous red paint job. So in some places where it was sanded a little bit of the red came thru the primer which looked pretty cool on his 66 Mustang. A few months prior to knowing I was going to be blocking, sanding, body working, priming and painting the car, I decided it'd be fun to a pinstripe design on the deck lid for the time being. Jake was cool with it so I brought my box over and had some fun with it one afternoon. The result ended up being one of my all time personal favorites. The colors used were:  maroon, bright bred, vermilion, imitation gold, chrome yellow and white. Maroon was used in the inital design, and imitation gold was used to make the 2nd layer. All the other colors were used as highlight colors for the existing 2 layers. I remember thinking once I got the main designs done that I wanted to try and make it look more interesting without adding a 3rd layer. I had seen other artist do this technique before, and I had done it on flames... but not on a design yet. So this was my first go at it. And since then I've used this technique on many of my designs.

Sadly, I had to sand the pinstripes off when it was time to prep the car for paint. But the pictures will last forever!

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